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DE-CIX patch robots – our automated colleagues

For today's and tomorrow's interconnection needs, provisioning has to be as fast as possible. To help us achieve that at DE-CIX, we have a whole patch work family to assist us in getting our customers connected: Meet Patchy McPatchbot, Sir Patchalot and Margaret Patcher.

Instead of using a standard rack and patch panel, we use an Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) to substantially increase the efficiency of customer interconnection. Our patch robots can deploy or upgrade a port within a few minutes, without the need for a technician to directly physically intervene. 

Patchy McPatchbot – the first patch robot at an Internet Exchange

Back in 2018, DE-CIX was proud to be the first IX ever to introduce a fully automated patch robot: Patchy McPatchbot! Watch the video below to learn more about Patchy.

DE-CIX FRA12 – home of Patchy McPatchbot

Patchy lives in DE-CIX FRA12, our largest site in Frankfurt. In 2018, during live operation, more than 450 ports were migrated from FRA7 (from the Level 3 data center) to the new FRA12 location on the Kleyerstrasse campus. Approximately 15km of fiber optic cable were laid in the process, and over 40% of all data traffic was migrated without disruption.