Private, secure and direct access to the cloud

From communication to data storage to application development, the cloud offers game-changing opportunities for every business across all industries.

With the DE-CIX Cloud Exchange, you can future-proof your business for growing data volumes and new applications. It gives you the opportunity to reach DE-CIX's growing cloud ecosystem of over 50 cloud service providers – both the leading ones such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and Google, and a wide range of regional and local specialist providers.

The backbone of every Cloud Exchange is a reliable connection

Waiting interminably for documents to appear, models and simulations loading painfully slowly, annoying buffering times during video streaming: to function properly, cloud services require a reliable connection. As more and more companies take advantage of multi-cloud services, the need for reliable connections is only increasing. Whereas cloud services are flexible and fast to configure, getting the actual connection can often take a long time and require high investment and commitment to long contracts.

One connection for all cloud service providers

The DE-CIX DirectCLOUD service gives you a private direct connection to our Cloud Exchange, bypassing the Internet, and offering you a free and flexible choice of cloud service providers. Our unique and stable infrastructure minimizes downtime and guarantees the continuous connection of your systems. With a direct connection you can achieve minimal latency, allowing fast and effective collaboration in the cloud.

Connect, scale and grow your business – with one access.

How and where to connect

The connection can be implemented very quickly if you are already connected to one of the exchanges where the DirectCLOUD service is available. If you are not connected yet, we can get you up and running within a few days.

The DirectCLOUD service is available at the DE-CIX exchanges in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Dusseldorf, Berlin, New York, Dallas, Madrid, Lisbon, Marseille, Dubai, and Istanbul.