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The cornerstone of our ecosystem: our certified ISPs and data centers

We can never emphasize too much the importance of certified Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and certified data centers for DE-CIX’s cloud ecosystem. Without this community of experts and partners, no workload would function in a cloud. We help you to communicate about cloud connectivity to your customers. We want to bring cloud connectivity into the spotlight – together with you.

One connection, a whole universe of clouds for ISPs and data centers

The cloud is the fastest-growing IT sector worldwide and the positive trend is expected to continue. With DE-CIX DirectCLOUD, you can offer your customers a direct connection to a range of clouds. Secure, with guaranteed bandwidth and latency.

DE-CIX is cloud and data center neutral. This makes access to many different cloud providers very easy – both to large international ones and to many regional specialist providers.

As a DirectCLOUD certified partner you can connect your customers to any number of required clouds. You can flexibly expand your portfolio and offer specific solutions from smaller cloud service providers. You can easily widen the range of services you offer and bring your end customers significant advantages in their cloud strategy. 

The benefits for you and your customers

To start with, your customers will benefit from fast and hassle-free implementation process. Modifying existing cloud resources and getting connected to new ones is flexible and makes changing a cloud provider fast and easy.

Your customer also benefits from a stable connection, which is redundant and secure against DDoS attacks, and, depending on the cloud, they can use either their own public or private IP addresses for different workloads. And finally, the SLAs are excellent and the end-to-end quality is not only guaranteed, but also measurable.

The benefits for you:

  • Use DirectCLOUD as a component in your own connectivity-offer
  • Expand your service portfolio
  • Create added value for your customers
  • Increase customer loyalty

The benefits for your customers:

  • Quick, easy customization, modification or connection to new cloud resources
  • Changing a cloud provider is easy and possible at any time
  • The connection is stable, redundant, and DDoS secure
  • Use of own public or private IP addresses
  • Cost savings possible through reduced data transfer costs
  • Excellent SLAs
  • Measurable and guaranteed quality

Support through our partner program

We support you with a comprehensive partner program, including everything you need to inspire your customers with your cloud connectivity offerings: You will be presented on our homepage and get access to various marketing materials, collaterals, technical guidelines, implementation documents, certificates, and more.

To become a certified partner, please contact us

DirectCLOUD certified ISP
DirectCLOUD certified data center