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10 useful tips on how to maximize the benefits of peering

1. Optimize your routing data base entry

Please make sure that you:

  • have your routing data in just one routing database like RIPE, AFRINIC, RADB etc. (unless you are a global player)
  • have all used prefixes covered by one correct database entry, matching the ASN which they come from (more-specifics need dedicated entries too)
  • have all active (!) own and customer ASNs and AS-SETs listed in your main AS-SET - and remove unused ones

Tip: Check on the status of your AS in routing databases here (enter your own ASN).

2. Use the route servers (2 sessions ipv4, 2 sessions ipv6)

The route servers help you to get the majority of possible sessions. It will help you to avoid extra work to configure all the new arriving members.

3. Verify your prefix amounts and details

Please verify via the route server looking glass whether the route server accepts all of your sent prefixes. If you see a difference, most probably you have not specified the right AS-SET during turn-up or you have missing or wrong routing database entries.

4. Keep your PeeringDB entry up to date

Please update your PeeringDB record or create a record if you have none yet. PeeringDB is THE tool for all peering administrators!

5. Go for direct sessions to members who are not on the route server

Not everybody peers with the route server. And not everybody who peers with the route server sends or imports prefixes.

Check on the looking glass who is not present at the route server (session down, zero prefixes) and ask them for a direct session. 
DE-CIX maintains a member list where you can see who you should ask (contact us for the latest list).

Use the DE-CIX peering manager for questions!

Our peering manager Bernd Spiess can help you with special questions about BGP, peering, routing, etc. Contact him if you have any questions.

For classical support questions, please contact our technical support directly.