Reach global content closer to Africa

Join the major network hub where content and eyeball networks meet

  • Reduce your backhaul costs and latency
  • Improve your network quality
  • Access African, Middle Eastern and Asian markets via multiple and diverse submarine cable systems
  • Peer closer to Africa, the Middle East and Asia
  • Reach highly-demanded content

Peer in Frankfurt and New York just via an additional VLAN

With access at DE-CIX Marseille, you are able to peer at additional DE-CIX locations, e.g. with more than 800 networks in Frankfurt or more than 170 networks in New Your, just via a VLAN (GlobePEER Remote service). Learn more.

Several submarine cables provide connectivity

Marseille is one of the key European landing stations for a large number of international subsea cables and global Internet transit pathways. Marseille is a critical gateway directly on the Mediterranean Sea for the communications infrastructure that transports African and Middle Eastern traffic to Europe.

More than a gateway: a powerful marketplace for your business

The city offers an existing framework inside the European Union that delivers a known regulatory and legal environment for business. There are more than 100 unique carriers that currently operate in or transport through Marseille.

Colocation offer

If you join DE-CIX in Marseille, Interxion waives the monthly fee for three months for new customers (power usage and cross connects excluded, 36 months contract term, valid for up to 3 racks).

To request your personal offer, please contact us.