Interconnection at the most southern IX in Germany

Peer in Munich to keep local traffic local 

Munich has a colorful mix of global players and SMEs, large companies and one-man businesses. More importantly, Munich is a major spot for the media industry and information and communication technology.

If you have a PoP in Munich, peering is the best way to exchange your data directly with the connected networks.

Peer in Frankfurt or other DE-CIX locations just via an additional VLAN

With access to DE-CIX Munich, you are able to peer at additional DE-CIX locations, e.g. with more than 800 networks in Frankfurt or more than 190 networks in New Your, just via a VLAN (GlobePEER Remote service). Learn more.

ASN origin of connected networks at DE-CIX Munich

Network types of connected networks at DE-CIX Munich (based on PeeringDB)