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DE-CIX's peering services in Chennai

DE-CIX Chennai offers a distributed platform for all kinds of ISPs, CDNs, cloud providers and network operators to exchange data. If you have a PoP in Chennai, peering is the best way to exchange your data directly with the other networks. 

Connecting national and international players

Tamil Nadu's capital Chennai is the fourth largest city in India with a population with over 10 million people, with varied industries like automobile, computer, hardware manufacturing, healthcare, and information technology. It is India's second largest cable landing station after Mumbai, situated in the southern region of the country. There are different submarine cables landing from the Bay of Bengal Gateway (BBG), SeaMeWe-4, BRICS, Tata TGN-Tata Indicom & i2i Cable Network (i2icn) to Chennai. 

Opening a peering platform in Chennai is crucial for the development of the Internet in this region and we are happy to facilitate interconnection between national networks and international players. DE-CIX Chennai is one of four Internet Exchanges operated by DE-CIX in India. In addition to Chennai, DE-CIX operates IXs in Mumbai, Kolkata, and Delhi.

Be with us from the start

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