Get instant access to Spanish and global networks

As an ISP holding an important residential market share in Gibraltar, joining DE-CIX was a life changer. We found that 70% of our incoming traffic was coming through DE-CIX link, thus saving paid transit links resources. Our average latency to the main content providers decreased by 50%. 

Miguel Berniz, CTO, GibFibre/GibFibreSpeed

Madrid is the central hub for the digital eco-system of the Iberian Peninsula. With one connection to DE-CIX Madrid, you can reach more than 130 Spanish and international networks. DE-CIX actively supports the growth of the interconnection ecosystem, making DE-CIX Madrid the fastest-growing Internet Exchange worldwide.

Madrid and Lisbon replace London as central traffic exchange point for southern traffic flows

The Iberian Peninsula is the new center of gravity where networks meet instead of going all the way further north to reach European networks and international content providers. The Internet Exchanges in Madrid and Lisbon are connected, networks peering at DE-CIX Madrid can peer with all networks that are connected at DE-CIX Lisbon and vice versa.

What's in it for you

  • Instant access to Spanish and global networks
  • Implementation within a few days
  • Peering on a reliable interconnection platform to
    • Reduce costs
    • Enhance the end-user experience
    • Improve your network quality

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ASN origin of the networks connected at DE-CIX Madrid

Network types of connected networks at DE-CIX Madrid (based on PeeringDB)