2017 at DE-CIX: An interconnection ecosystem on
the rise

2017 was clearly the year of interconnection at DE-CIX.

In the past few years, DE-CIX has increased its exchange family with new exchanges in Southern Europe, Germany, and the US. 2017 was characterized by interconnecting exchanges, extending the reach by adding new enabled sites and access points, and rolling out additional interconnection services in order to enable networks to get the most out of their connection to DE-CIX.

Interconnecting Exchanges

Following on from the interconnection of New York and Istanbul with Frankfurt in 2016, DE-CIX’s German Internet Exchanges in Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, and Munich were interconnected in 2017, so that networks can easily connect to the other networks located at the other exchanges. Networks can now peer with networks at these exchanges via GlobePEER Remote, connect to cloud service providers via DirectCLOUD, or order VLANs to exchange traffic privately with MetroVLAN.

Extending reach with new enabled sites

Simultaneously, we enhanced our reach by adding new enabled sites like the Colt data center in Frankfurt, IPHH in Hamburg, Itconic in Madrid, or 1025 Connect in New York. Strategic partnerships e.g. with packetfabric also extended DE-CIX’s reach to additional markets and locations. Meanwhile, DE-CIX can be reached from more than 400 access points worldwide. In 2018, new enabled sites, e.g. in Munich and Dusseldorf, will follow.

Enlarging the service portfolio – introducing the DE-CIX Service World

DirectCLOUD is the most prominent example of DE-CIX extended services, simplifying the interconnection between Internet Service Providers and Cloud Service Providers. The new DE-CIX Service World offers more services, more flexibility, and more modularity, combined with an attractive pricing model. Once networks have access to the DE-CIX platform, they can order additional services on their access, have multiple ASNs on one access, and can add value to their connection to DE-CIX in numerous ways.

Optimizing features to improve the Internet

DE-CIX always strives to develop services that improve the Internet infrastructure stability and to support the community. We have added additional features to the route servers such as support for Large BGP Communities, Informational BGP Communities, and Graceful BGP Shutdown. Also, AS112 project servers were deployed in Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Munich, New York, and Istanbul, which answer reverse DNS lookups for private IPv4 addresses so that the DNS infrastructure is relieved. DE-CIX assists many nonprofit projects through offering a free port or even small colocation space where possible. 

Sharing knowledge and facilitating networking

Last but not least, the DE-CIX Academy was introduced in 2017. With online webinars, recorded webinars, training material, and white papers, we try to share the knowledge we have gained over the years. Therefore, we also support events that enable our customers to network and share their knowledge at various round tables, peering workshops, and the DE-CIX Summits. 

Preparing for the future

The developments were only possible because of the constant support and trust of our customers and partners. We look back to a very successful year, crowned by winning the Capacity Award as Best Internet Exchange for a third year in a row.  And we look forward to another successful year in 2018, with new enabled sites, new services, more interconnection, and more benefits for all connected networks.