Preparing for the future: DE-CIX 12 at Kleyer campus in Frankfurt

In 2017, DE-CIX will build up DE-CIX 12 in Frankfurt. DE-CIX 12 is the replacement of DE-CIX 7, the core node at DE-CIX’s largest site in the city, the Kleyer campus. Due to the space required, DE-CIX 12 will be built in Kleyer 90 – where DE-CIX’s success story on the Kleyer campus began back in 2006. The first plans to move from Kleyer 82 back to Kleyer 90 took place in 2015, and Equinix has been working since the end of 2016 to get our space ready. The migration to the new DE-CIX 12 site will be finalized by the end of 2017.

The phase of tremendous growth began at Kleyer 90

Back in 2006, DE-CIX built its fourth node in Frankfurt at “Kleyer 90”, at the Fibernet PoP in the cellar. Back then, Kleyer 90 was a carrier hotel where almost all Eastern European networks landed. This fact soon became one of the foundations of DE-CIX success in Frankfurt. With it, DE-CIX members could reach networks they were unable to reach anywhere else in the city. Today, it is still a major characteristic of DE-CIX Frankfurt to enable access to more Eastern European networks than any other Internet Exchange. 

New core-edge setup back in 2006

With this new fourth node also a new era began: DE-CIX migrated from Cisco to Force10 equipment and as a result, had a core-edge setup for the first time. Before that, DE-CIX Frankfurt had just consisted of connected switches. 

Setting up our new Force10-based site at Kleyer 90 caused the first (and last) complete outage of our platform in 2006 when a datacenter technician who was completely unaware that we are using switches and not routers "gave us a loop" on a live customer port. This lead to an update of our procedures and a configuration which still keeps our platform loop free today.

The site at Kleyer 90 became the fastest-growing DE-CIX site. When the cellar became too small, DE-CIX moved to the Global Crossing data center space at Kleyer 82, building up DE-CIX 7. 

Continuous growth demands a larger site

A few years and several enlargements later, this space is now also too small. All customers and all equipment will be moved – more than 400 ports. DE-CIX moves back to Kleyer 90, the Equinix FR5 data center. 

400+ ports have to be moved

As DE-CIX 12 is one of our four core nodes, it is technically not easy to move. The migration has to have as little impact on the connected networks as possible, so that the downtime for our customers does not exceed five minutes. A Nokia XRS40 double edge will be moved, and an additional Nokia XRS20 will be built up. The expansion is planned to cover the growth of the upcoming five to ten years. The projections are based on the last years’ growth of about 20 percent in ports and capacity per year.

We will of course publish some pictures of this huge migration in the course of the year.

2010: The second Force 10 generation (ExaScale) was installed

Thomas Kehlenbach back in 2010, installing the new Force 10 generation together with...

Thomas Kehlenbach back in 2010, installing the new Force 10 generation together with...

... today's CTO at DE-CIX, Daniel Melzer. 

... today's CTO at DE-CIX, Daniel Melzer.