The new DE-CIX Looking Glass is live!

We are happy to announce that our new Looking Glass left beta status and is now live. Since the original beta release, we added many features and improved the responsiveness and general usability.

With the new DE-CIX Looking Glass, it is possible to easily search for an AS number, a peer, or a particular IP prefix. In addition, the new looking glass service provides information about the reason why a certain route is rejected by the route server (e.g. due to IRR filters). Furthermore, the new looking glass service provides an API so that external applications can easily query it.

The DE-CIX Looking Glass utilizes the open source projects Alice-LG and birdwatcher. A big thank you to all who contributed to these projects!

What’s new

  • Global search field
  • Reject reasons why a certain route is rejected, including hints on how to fix a rejected route
  • Routes not exported (i.e. routes with selective redistribution policies applied) per peer can be queried on demand
  • Routes that are the best path, Blackholes, and Reject Candidates are marked with icons and are therefore easier to identify
  • Human readable BGP Communities in the detailed route information
  • Search results filter for BGP Standard/Extended/Large Communities

How to use the DE-CIX Looking Glass

Most of you probably know how to use the DE-CIX Looking Glass or are eager to explore its new functionalities on your own. For those who would prefer a short introduction, we created a detailed explanation of how to use the looking glass, how to narrow down search results, some typical search examples, and more information about query strings and how to use the API in your own scripts. The how-to guide is available here.