Looking Glasses

NEW: New looking glass service - beta version! With the new looking glass service, it is now possible to easily search for an AS number, a peer or a particular IP prefix. In addition, the new looking glass service provides the reason why a certain route is rejected by the route server (e.g. due to IRR filters). The new looking glass service is available for the DE-CIX locations in Dallas, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Istanbul, Madrid, Marseille, Munich, New York, and Palermo. 

The old looking glass service will stay in service as long as the new looking glass service is still a DE-CIX beta service. The DE-CIX Looking Glasses give you an insight into the BGP tables of the DE-CIX route servers at each site. Below you can find the links to the Looking Glasses of each exchange and a short explanation. 

Looking Glasses for the exchanges

What you can see with a Looking Glass

BGP summary tab

  • Which autonomous systems have a connection to the route servers
  • Their IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • Since when the session is up
  • How many prefixes they announce
  • How many of these prefixes are "best prefixes"
  • In case of an error the reason why a BGP session is down

BGP neighbour info tab

For each connection to the route servers you can find

  • The list of prefixes
  • AS path for each prefix
  • Announced MED for each prefix
  • Whether the prefix is "best"

Prefix info tab

For each prefix you can find

  • List of AS numbers announcing this prefix
  • AS path for each announcement
  • List of BGP communities for each announcement
  • Which announcement is best

For more information, watch the recorded webinar about the DE-CIX Looking Glasses

Looking Glass