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Please register below if you would like to join the seminar "BGP for networks who peer", held in German, from 2 to 6 December in Frankfurt.

What is it about? 

  • Networks and prefixes - IPv4 and IPv6
  • What is an Autonomous System and why do I need one?
  • Interior routing protocols overview: OSPF and IS-IS
  • BGP - Border Gateway Protocol:
    • Using iBGP to connect my routers
    • Distributing prefixes using BGP
    • eBGP - connecting to upstream providers and the outside world using IPv4 and IPv6
    • Setting up peering using eBGP
    • BGP Communities and their use
    • BGP Security - protecting your network
    • BGP and RPKI - cryptographically secure your prefixes
  • Peering topics (if time permits)
    • Peering Policies
    • Peering Tools - like RIPE Stat, RIPE Atlas, Looking Glasses
    • Peering Requests

For whom is it?

  • Junior network engineers
  • Technical staff working at ISPs
Wolfgang Tremmel

A lab environment will be used for practical experiments regarding BGP. The lab uses FRRouting - an open source solution for BGP and other routing protocols.


The event is fully booked. You can write a Mail to for the waiting list.

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