DE-CIX Academy training material

The following DE-CIX Academy videos are available:

New DE-CIX route server new features (recorded webinar)

The recorded webinar shows new route server features like large communities support, add NO-EXPORT, path prepending, graceful shutdown, and location tagging.

What is an AS number?

The video answers questions like what is an AS number and how do I get one. Having an ASN is necessary to peer at an Internet Exchange like DE-CIX.

How to get started with peering

The video shows the very beginning of how to get startet with peering: How to upgrade your network from single-homed to multi-homed and peering. 

DE-CIX Service Insights: Implementation of the system

The video shows how the DE-CIX Service Insights System is built, what software and hardware is used and what data is collected and stored.

DE-CIX Looking Glass (recorded webinar)

The recorded webinar shows everything worth knowing about looking glasses, including a demo of the DE-CIX Looking Glass. Questions can be asked and will be answered by email.

How traceroute works (recorded webinar)

The recorded webinar explains traceroute in detail and discusses restrictions, including a demo. Questions can be asked and will be answered by email.