DE-CIX TechMeeting 2022

DE-CIX TechMeeting will take place on 28 June, 10am-8pm, at the Kunstverein Familie Montez e.V in Frankfurt. 

Join us to meet the DE-CIX community and hear about exciting interconnection and peering topics. After the meeting, there is also a relaxed get together with food & drinks.

The TechMeeting will take place under the Covid-19 rules in effect on the day of the event.

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Call for presentations!

We are pleased to invite you for application of presentations and lightning talks to be held at this event. The meeting is designed to provide an opportunity to exchange information among network operators, engineers, researchers, and other professionals close to the DE-CIX community.

We are seeking presentation proposals from the community for this meeting. The meeting will have one single track of presentations. Length of presentation incl. Q&A should be either 15 minutes or 30 minutes. Feel free to send in more than one proposal for a presentation.

Proposals should contain an abstract of the presentation and draft (!) slides.

Topics should be of technical nature or operational experience of different aspects of the interconnection industry (e.g. Peering, Cloud Connectivity, Transit, E-Pipes, Optical Equipment, IP Equipment, Cabling, Datacenter, Ipv4, Ipv6, Monitoring & Statistics, Automation) and must not be solely promotional for your employer.

We will not accept product or company marketing talks.

To appeal to a wide international community, we ask you to have your presentation in English and also submit your slides in English.

Please send in proposals by email before 24 May 2022 to proposals@de-cix.net, we will make a decision by 14 June 2022 and notify you then about acceptance. Feel free to contact us any time using the same email address if you have any questions.

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