About De-CIX

Executive board and supervisory board members

Executive board

Harald Summa

Harald A. Summa – CEO DE-CIX Group AG

Harald A. Summa, founder and Chief Executive Officer of eco – the Association of the German Internet Industry, has managed and developed both the eco Association and the Internet Exchange operator DE-CIX since 1995, and has been CEO of DE-CIX since 2003, when it became an independent company. 

A vocal representative of the Internet industry in Germany and internationally, Summa has written numerous industry articles and frequently lectures on topics including communication, marketing and sales. From 1981 until 1992, he was a lecturer at the University of Cologne in Applied Informatics, and he is currently undertaking a Ph.D. at the University of Cologne in the Department of Business, Media and Technology Management. 

Through his work for eco and DE-CIX, Summa has helped to shape the legal and political framework for the liberalization of the telecommunications market in Germany, and has supported the development of Internet infrastructure from its inception in Europe, and, increasingly, throughout the world.

He is the co-initiator of the European associations EURO-ISPA and Euro-IX, acts as an industry consultant, and serves on a range of advisory committees in Germany, at both the state and federal levels.


Ivo Ivanov

Ivo Ivanov – COO DE-CIX Group AG

Ivo A. Ivanov is Chief Operating Officer of the DE-CIX Group AG and also responsible for the international business activities of the Internet Exchange Operator. Ivo has more than 15 years’ of experience in the regulatory, legal, and commercial Internet environment. Ivo joined DE-CIX in January 2007. In recent years, Ivo has been deeply involved in the establishment DE-CIX sites in Istanbul, Palermo, Madrid, Marseille, New York, Dallas, Dubai (UAE-IX powered by DE-CIX) as well as Mumbai, and several DE-CIX consultancy projects in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Ivo has an educational background focused on Law and Business. Fluent in German, English, Russian, and Bulgarian, he graduated from a German business school in 1995 and holds two Law degrees, from the Universities of Sofia (Bulgaria) and Bonn (Germany). After graduation, he worked as a lawyer, with a focus on e-commerce law, IP law, telecommunications law, and data protection law.


Sebastian Seifert

Sebastian Seifert - CFO DE-CIX Group AG

Sebastian Seifert is Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the DE-CIX Group AG, a role he took on in December 2018. A qualified economist, his previous roles have included CFO for the IT service provider SEVEN PRINCIPLES AG, and most recently, CFO of Reflex, a paper manufacturer from Düren (Germany). 

Sebastian Seifert has more than 15 years’ know-how in the establishment of structures and processes in growing organizations. Through his previous activities as an Investment Manager for a Venture Capital company and as CFO of the SEVEN PRINCIPLES Group, which experienced strong inorganic growth, Seifert also has proven experience in the areas of Mergers & Acquisitions and Integration.

Parallel to his in-company training as a banker, Sebastian Seifert studied Business Administration. Following his studies, he worked as an Investment Manager for a VC company. This was followed by various senior management positions, as well as positions on supervisory boards, in growing companies in the IT sector. Before joining DE-CIX, Seifert was employed as the CFO of the paper manufacturer Reflex, with a focus on Restructuring and Turnaround.


Supervisory board

Felix Hoeger

Felix Höger – Chairman of the Supervisory Board DE-CIX Group AG

Since 1 January 2018, Felix Höger has been Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the DE-CIX Group AG. In his preceding role as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of DE-CIX International AG, assumed at the beginning of 2013, he closely accompanied and successfully drove forward DE-CIX's global expansion.

Felix Höger is one of the industry's well-known pioneers and leaders of cloud computing in Germany. During the course of his traineeship in 1995, he founded the Internet Service Provider NDH, which he merged with the software manufacturer PIRONET in 2000 to become today's CANCOM PIRONET, and which he then further developed into a major German cloud provider. Following the sale of his shares in CANCOM SE and the successful merger of the company, Felix Höger was subsequently responsible as COO/CTO at QSC AG for the realignment and further development of the corporate group into a modern cloud service provider and for the operation of its entire ICT and cloud portfolio, a role he continued until 31 December 2017. Today, as a consulting partner, supervisory/advisory board member, and investor, Felix Höger supports small and medium-sized enterprises,  in particular, in a diverse array of digital projects and investments – with such support spanning the design of business models through to successful establishment on the market.

In his functions as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of DE-CIX Group AG and member of the management boards of both eco – Association of the Internet Industry and Eurocloud Deutschland, Felix Höger is closely affiliated with both the key players and the ongoing developments in the technology industry as a promoter and lobbyist.


Claus Landefeld

Klaus Landefeld – Member of the Supervisory Board DE-CIX Group AG

Klaus Landefeld is a Member of the Supervisory Board of the DE-CIX Group AG.

He is an expert on the topics of infrastructure and networks, Internet neutrality, data retention, telecommunications surveillance, and IT security. As early as 1984, he was already setting up mailbox systems and LAN infrastructure, and in 1995 he founded Nacamar Data Communications GmbH, one of the first independent IP service providers in Germany. Following the sale of the Nacamar Group to World Online N. V., Klaus Landefeld was CTO of the pan-European technology division, where he was responsible for 1,500 technicians in 17 national subsidiaries. Since 2013, Klaus Landefeld and nGENn GmbH have been advising companies on the establishment and operation of WLAN and broadband networks, data centers, and IP-based services. He also acts as data protection and security officer for diverse carriers.

As a member of various committees worldwide, Klaus Landefeld provides advice and support to organizations and authorities. Among other roles, he is a member of the Committee for Technical Regulation in Telecommunications (ATRT) of the German Federal Network Agency, and a founding member of DENIC eG, AMS-IX, and MINX. Klaus Landefeld is also Vice Chair of the Management Board of eco – Association of the Internet Industry, where he has been a member of the management board since 1997.


Rudolf van Megen

Rudolf van Megen – Member of the Supervisory Board DE-CIX Group AG

Since January 2018, Rudolf van Megen has been Member of the Supervisory Board of the DE-CIX Group AG. In his preceding role as Member of the Supervisory Board of DE-CIX International AG (since 2013), he closely accompanied and successfully supported DE-CIX's global and international expansion.

Rudolf van Megen is one of the startup pioneers in Germany. In 1982 he co-founded SQS Software Quality Systems AG as a new service for independent testing and quality assurance. In his role as CEO he drove the expansion from a German market leader to the largest international market leader for this specialized service in IT development and maintenance. In 2005 SQS made an IPO in London on LSE/AIM as the first Germany company, since at that time the financial market for technology companies was only available in the United Kingdom. That further supported the international growth of SQS to become the digital quality assurance services provider. After 30 years he relinquished his role as CEO, but he remained a large shareholder and supporter of independent testing. At the end of 2017, SQS was acquired by Assystem Technologies.

Since 2012, Rudolf van Megen has functioned as a business angel, advisor, and co-founder and/or investor in numerous startups in Germany and the UK. Rudolf is Chairman of the Board of German ICT & Media Institute e.V. (since 2015) as well being a member of the Advisory Board of InsurLab Germany (since 2017). Rudolf van Megen volunteers additional time for different organizations: He is an Industry Ambassador of the City of Cologne, a Board Member of the Council of Media and IT for the City of Cologne, and Head of the ICT Committee of Cologne Chamber of Commerce.