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Announcing Mumbai IX powered by DE-CIX – The digital place-to-be serving the Indian market

Frankfurt (Germany), Mumbai (India) – 24 October 2017. After signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) earlier this year, DE-CIX – the world’s leading Internet Exchange operator - today announces, that it has created a joint venture to serve the Indian market with DE-CIX’ state-of-the art Internet Exchange services, offering carrier and data center neutral premium interconnection services to all local and global small, mid-size and large market actors.  

Speaking about the new joint venture, Ivo Ivanov, Chief Strategic Officer at DE-CIX, says: “With our entry into the second largest Internet market worldwide, we see major business and growth opportunities. Our own market analysis and expert’s opinions see India and especially Mumbai as the digital place-to-be when it comes to data transit and traffic. With close to 23 million inhabitants, major sea cable connections, a leading harbor and excellent airport facilities, the metro market of Mumbai is offering us a once in a lifetime chance to establish our business in this region.”

Extending the footprint of premium interconnection services globally

With this joint venture, DE-CIX will operate its 12th Internet Exchange (IX) globally. DE-CIX has a proven record of accomplishments in successfully operating Internet Exchanges globally, with a footprint now extending from India, the UAE and Europe all the way to the US. This includes both IXP in developed and emerging markets. With the Mumbai IX powered by DE-CIX, the company aims to replicate its success of the DE-CIX home base in Frankfurt – the world’s leading IX. All major DE-CIX customers will have easy access to the Indian market through Mumbai IX powered by DE-CIX, which will build the foundation of the digital infrastructure in Mumbai and India with its premium interconnection services. 

Building and boosting Indian digital infrastructure – powered by DE-CIX

The partnership is based on a joint venture with “Interwire” a local technology group that operates the Mumbai Internet Exchange “Mumbai IX”. The newly founded DE-CIX Interwire India plc will operate under the “Mumbai IX powered by DE-CIX” brand. DE-CIX CEO Harald A. Summa is pleased with the joint venture: “We carefully analyzed the Indian market for partners who have the same spirit and growth ambitions as DE-CIX has. In Interwire, we are sure that we have found the right company – an Internet Exchange, which is also able to pursue our carrier and data center neutral strategy. We are aiming to nearly double the number of connected ASNs by the end of the year. Mumbai IX powered by DE-CIX will bring markets and networks together.”

Nikhil Rathi, Director of Interwire Internet Services, comments that: “The Mumbai IX is made in India for India in close collaboration and under supervision of the DE-CIX Headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany. Mumbai IX powered by DE-CIX - as one unit are aiming for both market and technology leadership with a data center and carrier neutral and distributed approach, building and boosting the Indian digital infrastructure.”