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DE-CIX New York reaches milestone of 200 connected networks

DE-CIX has exceeded the key milestone of 200 unique networks peering at DE-CIX New York. With this milestone, the exchange now takes the number one position as the largest carrier and data center-neutral Internet Exchange in New York.

Almost fifty percent of the networks are exclusively available via DE-CIX in New York, and almost eighty percent of those networks are only available in North America via DE-CIX New York.   

The success is based not least on the GlobePEER Remote service, a VLAN connection service to DE-CIX’s Internet Exchanges throughout Europe. With this service, networks connected to DE-CIX New York can peer with networks connected at DE-CIX’s European Internet Exchanges without having to buy transport, a remote port, or a local cross connect. 

“200 networks is a significant milestone to achieve and especially nice to have accomplished in just four and a half years. It is a testament to how the neutral exchange model, with its partnership opportunities, can transform a market.  Our model has allowed DE-CIX New York to become the leading platform in New York and the second largest exchange on the entire eastern seaboard,” comments Ed d’Agostino, Vice President and General Manager, DE-CIX North America.