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Milestone at UAE-IX: New all-time peak of 100 Gbps, and the first 100GE customer is live

Traffic at UAE-IX in Dubai hit a new all-time peak in September: 100 Gigabits per second! This a huge milestone for our exchange in Dubai. The 5-year graph shows how constantly the traffic has developed. 

First customer with 100GE is live

And there is more to come: Since earlier this year, the DE-CIX Apollon platform is live in Dubai. Two Nokia 7750 SR12e's have been active for a while now, and all customers have been migrated to the new platform. On the new platform, 100GE ports can be ordered. We are happy to announce that the first customer with 100GE, Amazon, is already live! This will for sure provide for more peaks.

In 2012, UAE-IX in Dubai, managed by DE-CIX, was the first IX where DE-CIX took abroad its specific know-how and experience in establishing and operating Internet Exchanges. To almost simultaneously reach the 100 Gbps traffic peak and take the first 100G customer live was a big milestone.

Happy peering in Dubai!