DE-CIX partners

To provide its world class Internet Exchange services, DE-CIX works with various partners in the telecommunications industry. Partnering for DE-CIX means to intensify the business relationship between the parties in order to deliver best in class services to our customers.

Our partners include associations like eco who supports all kinds of Internet businesses that do business with or on the Internet, data center providers that operate state-of-the-art data centers, many major carriers helping to make the Internet Exchange locations a competitive and great environment for all Internet businesses, and last but not least our major hardware vendors.

Selected partners can be found below.

eco – Association of the Internet Industry

DE-CIX is owned by the eco association, the largest Internet industry association in Europe.

Since 1995, they have been instrumental in the development of the Internet in Germany, fostering new technologies, infrastructures and markets, and forming framework conditions. In the Competence Network, a range of specialists and decision makers of the Internet industry are represented, and current and future Internet themes are driven forward.

European Internet Exchange Association

Euro-IX gathers IXPs from around the world. It was formed in May 2001 with the intention to develop, strengthen and improve the Internet Exchange Point (IXP) community. A number of IXPs recognised a need to combine their resources in order to coordinate technical standards, develop common procedures, share and publish statistics and other useful information. This would in turn give all interested parties a better insight into the world of IXPs.


PeeringDB is THE tool for all peering administrators. As PeeringDB states about itself: "Specifically, we are a database of networks that are peering, where they are peering, and if they are likely to peer with you. If you don't know what peering is, and/or you don't currently engage in peering, this probably won't have any meaning for you." For every network that wants to peer, PeeringDB is a very important tool. We recommend to all our customers that they keep their PeeringDB entry up do date. 

The Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security initiative (MANRS)

MANRS is a global initiative, supported by the Internet Society, that provides crucial fixes to eliminate the most common routing threats. It has launched an IXP program that broadens support for the primary objective of MANRS  to implement crucial fixes needed to eliminate the most common threats to the Internet’s routing system. DE-CIX is one of the ten founding participants of MANRS, together with Asteroid, CABASE, CRIX, INEX, MSK-IX, Netnod, RINEX, TorIX, and YYCIX.