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Project: 5G Islands

The R&D project, 5G Islands, focuses on 5G campus networks. There are a lot of possibilities for how to use 5G Islands, and one idea is to assist factories, especially in rural areas. Automotive production facilities, for example involve a lot of sensor data, telemetric data, and a lot of data about each specific car. And there is a large amount of data amassed at the factory site. All of this data needs to be stored in a centralized manner, and 5G Islands provide a way to enable the processing of that data and to satisfy the specific requirements that come with machine communication (e.g. latency and reliability requirements).

Solutions have to be found for pre-aggregating data, and for providing a safe and secure overlay network across the Internet to interconnect all the different sites and 5G Islands involved in the production processes.

More information can be found on the project website.