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Connect to DE-CIX via a reseller

If you do not have a PoP at a DE-CIX-enabled site, you can connect via a DE-CIX reseller. Our partners offer access to DE-CIX enabled sites from over 500 cities in 80+ countries worldwide.

Benefits of peering via a reseller

Peering via a reseller reduces hardware and colocation costs while providing direct interconnection to multiple or even hundreds of networks.

In detail, it means that you have

  • no additional hardware costs,
  • no extra colocation fees,
  • no deployment/installation fees,
  • no cross connect charges,
  • reduced paperwork, and
  • an almost instant setup.

In addition, DE-CIX reseller partners usually offer more bandwidth choices, shorter contract terms, and access to more than one Internet Exchange. This enhances your flexibility.

You appear as full DE-CIX customer

Your AS number is announced at the DE-CIX platform, you appear as a full DE-CIX customer and can peer with all connected networks as if you had a router installed in a DE-CIX-enabled site. And you still have the freedom to choose your own peering policy – open, selective or restrictive.

DE-CIX support is available for you

In addition, you can call DE-CIX support directly at any time if you have questions. You are able to enjoy all the benefits of peering that direct DE-CIX customers have.

Please note that there are some performance effects you may experience when peering via a reseller:

  • slightly higher latency than with direct peering at a DE-CIX Exchange due to the transport from your remote site, and
  • potential routing inefficiencies.

Better peer via a reseller than not at all

We recommend peering via a DE-CIX reseller if installing a router at one of DE-CIX’s enabled sites is not part of your plans for the near future. It’s better to peer via a reseller than not to peer at all. Peering enhances the end user experience, improves your IP quality and reduces costs.

Try it! Most of our DE-CIX reseller partners can offer you a test connection.