Meet Patchy McPatchbot - First patch robot at an IX

DE-CIX is proud to be the first IX ever to introduce a fully automated patch robot: Patchy McPatchbot!

This Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) is used instead of a standard rack and patch panel, and substantially increases the efficiency of customer interconnection. A port can now be deployed or upgraded within a few minutes, without the need for the physical intervention of a technician.

See more of our new colleague Patchy McPatchbot in the video:

Some more information can be found in the technical update presentation of the DE-CIX Technical Meeting in 2018.

DE-CIX Frankfurt 12

In 2018, during live operation, more than 450 customers were migrated from Frankfurt 7 (from the Level 3 data center) to the new Frankfurt 12 location (at the data center operators Equinix and ITENOS) on the Kleyerstrasse campus. Approximately 15 kilometers of fiber optic cable were laid in the process, and over 40 percent of all data traffic at the world's leading Internet Exchange was migrated without disruption.