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To help us improve and launch new services, we make beta versions available first. The services listed here are not completely finished, and are only available at selected DE-CIX locations, but they will still do everything they are designed to do. If you have any feedback to help us to improve any of the services, please get in touch through the customer portal.

IPFIX Export

At DE-CIX Frankfurt, the DE-CIX IPFIX Export enables customers to receive IPFIX data of flow activity on their physical network access. With the help of IPFIX data, you can get more detailed insights into traffic characteristics.

Blackholing Advanced

With Blackholing Advanced you are able to inspect a portion of the traffic while protecting your infrastructure from congestion at the same time. This visibility enables you to announce and withdraw Blackholing routes in a more efficient way, optimizing your response to the DDoS attack. This service is currently available at DE-CIX Frankfurt. 

Blackholing Insights 

With Blackholing Insights, you get visual support when countering DDoS attacks while using Backholing at DE-CIX. Currently available at DE-CIX Frankfurt, the tool shows you a variety of statistics, and provides a peek into the traffic affected by the Blackholing rules you have set.