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The unique community for end-to-end cloud connectivity

DE-CIX is actively bringing cloud connectivity into the spotlight – together with our partners. Every day we face situations which highlight the importance of a well-running digital infrastructure. For private households, for businesses, and for cloud services. To ensure this reliability and to keep services and applications stored in the cloud scalable for future requirements, all partners need to work together.

Within DE-CIX’s cloud ecosystem, the infrastructure of an enterprise is connected to one or more selected cloud service providers – either via an Internet service provider (ISP), a data center, or directly. Regardless of how enterprises operate, whether their IT is on-premise (own facilities) or in an external data center.

Cloud ecosystem

How it works

Step one: The ISP or data center transports their enterprise customers to DE-CIX or the enterprises connect directly to DE-CIX.

Step two: DE-CIX extends the connection into the selected cloud via the DirectCLOUD service – private, dedicated, secure, direct, and with low latency.

DE-CIX is the bridge to the selected clouds. Our ecosystem is not simply a technical entity, but we assist our customers and partners with consulting, knowledge sharing, and community building.

Creating local ecosystems

We build and strengthen local interconnection infrastructure by making interconnection easy. Anywhere. Accordingly, our objective is to create cloud ecosystems in every DE-CIX location. These ecosystems feature not only global cloud service providers, but also local and regional niche providers.