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Your own interconnection platform – fully operated by DE-CIX

Today, digital businesses do not only need colocation, they need to be interconnected. This need is growing, and the data centers that offer their customers more than just colocation will have strategic advantages and will be able to attract and retain customers.

With DE-CIX as a Service, you can offer your customers a fully functional interconnection platform, from peering to cloud connectivity and more. Benefit from the DE-CIX Apollon technology and deliver highly secure and resilient connectivity to your customers. You bring in the local knowledge and infrastructure – we provide the hardware, technological know-how, customer service – and we operate everything for you.

In addition to the local interconnection platform we will build in your data center, you can interconnect with our platform and be part of the growing DE-CIX interconnection ecosystem. With this connection, your customers can exchange data with hundreds of networks and connect to multiple cloud service providers.

How it works 

  • DE-CIX builds and operates a fully functional interconnection platform in your data center.
  • Not only can your customers exchange data locally, but – if you decide to be connected to our platform – will be able to connect with hundreds of networks and multiple cloud providers.
  • We take care of the customer service.
  • We offer you consulting in how to attract new business to your data center with marketing and sales support.

Designed for data centers  

The DE-CIX as a Service program includes a set of services – such as installation, maintenance, and provisioning, as well as marketing and sales support – designed to create interconnection ecosystems, fully operated by DE-CIX, wherever you need them. 

We deliver the technical set-up needed for an interconnection platform as a fully pre-configured and standardized DE-CIX in a box solution – easy to plug and play. 

Your benefits 

  • Offer your customers multiple interconnection services – access to a whole interconnection ecosystem.
  • Get rid of the hassle of operating and maintaining a platform on your own – we do that for you.
  • Upgrade with our scalable solution at any time if demand increases.
  • Benefit from support and knowledge transfer to optimize your sales efforts.
  • Position your data center as part of the world’s leading neutral interconnection ecosystem.

Be part of our interconnection ecosystem 

We have a proven record of successfully creating interconnection hubs worldwide in regions where customers need easy-to-access interconnection services. We already run three Internet Exchanges for and with our partners: UAE-IX in Dubai, UAE, SEECIX in Athens, Greece, Ruhr-CIX in the Ruhr region in Germany, and Borneo-IX in Brunei.  

If you would like to talk about how we can bring DE-CIX’s interconnection solutions to your data center, please do not hesitate to contact us.