Link11 GmbH is a European IT security vendor specialising in DDoS Protection and Server Hosting, headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany with operations in the UK, US, Switzerland and Austria. Founded in 2005, Link11 has been pioneering DDoS mitigation and protection solutions since the early days of DDoS attacks in 2011. Originally established as a Hosting Provider, Link11's DDoS Mitigation Solution was developed organically to protect it's own customers and network. The Link11 DDoS Cloud Protection Platform is entirely built on a proprietary patent pending technology. The state of the art platform uses Artificial Intelligence and enables Link11 to protect critical infrastructure from all types of DDoS attacks, which in turn gives customers the peace of mind to focus on their core business. Link11 protects some of Europe's largest media, financial, e-commerce and online organisations. The companyhas won numerous awards and continues to innovate to ensure that Link11 is one step ahead of the game.

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Link11 DDoS Protection

The DDoS protection by Link11 works with a multi-layer filter system. The first instance, the DDoS filter, verifies the connection request, and invalid or unwanted traffic types such as UDP or ICMP can be filtered. In the second filter instance, the DDoS-Proxy, the data stream is further analyzed using a statistical model, and compared to the normal user behavior. The traffic is split in desired (Whitelist) and undesired (Blacklist). In a third filter instance complex application level attacks are detected and filtered, e. g. SYN-Flood or HTTP-Request Flood. These attacks try to deliberately convey \"normal\" accesses what often leads to a system overload due to the huge amount. The filter system analyzes the requests and takes care of the decision whether requests are forwarded to the customer server or not. Each individual request of an IP address can be reviewed and will be checked with respect to over 100 attributes. Should a request be classified as a DDoS attempt, the DDoS protection either blocks the request or provides a CAPTCHA to the potential attacker. In general, requests will only be discarded or responded by a CAPTCHA if the customer server runs the risk of not being able to process further requests. A request will be categorized depending on the safety level. The Customer may adjust the safety level of the DDoS Monitoring System. Default is medium. The service of Link11 requires that Customer's complete traffic is routed to the DDoS Protection Cluster by DNS forwarding or BGP routing. Customer shall moreover change its IP of server structure or shall guarantee that no access beside the access of the Link11 IP range to its server infrastructure is possible. If customer is using the BGP Standby solution, traffic is required to be routed on the origin way latest 48 hours after an attack was mitigated and ended. The Parties convene on the service level laid out in the Service Level Agreement.

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