The new DE-CIX Service World:
What's changing for customers

One access - multiple interconnection services

With the new DE-CIX Service World, access to DE-CIX’s platforms can be ordered separately from overlying services like GlobePEER. The new Service World is available at all DE-CIX locations worldwide*, and its basis is a modular, flexible system for ordering access and overlying services.

What's new

  • You can now have multiple ASNs on one access
  • You can buy services à la carte
  • You can overbook access with services
  • You only buy what you need to develop your interconnection services in line with your business demands
  • You can order services like GlobePEER Remote, DirectCLOUD or MetroVLAN at more locations than before
  • The DE-CIX platforms in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Dusseldorf, New York, and Istanbul are interconnected. With access in one of the locations, you can access the other locations and use services like GlobePEER Remote, DirectCLOUD, or MetroVLAN remotely.
  • You can take advantage of a new attractive pricing model; due to bundling opportunities, price reductions may be possible

What's changing

  • Technically, nothing changes. Whether you leave it as it is or switch to the new DE-CIX Service World, you can still use your existing equipment.
  • If you switch, you get more flexibility, more services, more modularity. If you don’t want to switch, you can leave your services as they are.
  • If you want to order an upgrade, order additional services, or order an additional access, you will benefit from the new DE-CIX Service World; you only have to sign a new service order form.
  • We offer maximum flexibility; you can decide individually per location if you want to switch to the new Service World, so you can, e.g. stay in Frankfurt in the old system and switch to the new Service World in Madrid or New York.
  • The new DE-CIX Service World will be the new standard: you can have multiple services on one access depending on your needs and decisions.

How to switch to the new DE-CIX Service World

To step into the new DE-CIX Service World you have to update your service order forms for the services you are currently using at DE-CIX. Just contact us, we’ll send you the updated service order form.

*except Dubai and Mumbai