Community: DE-CIX support for not-for-profit projects

DE-CIX’s Internet Exchanges are a vital part of today’s interconnection ecosystem, and we work constantly on improving today’s Internet infrastructure. Part of these efforts entails our support for not-for-profit projects. 

DE-CIX assists many projects through offering a free port or even small colocation space where possible. One example is the Community-IX from Berlin, a connectivity platform for not-for-profit projects such as the Chaos Computer Club. Another example concerns a number of Freifunk projects e.g. Freifunk Rheinland e.V. and Freifunk Nordwest e.V., which provide free Wifi in many cities and especially to refugee camps. Here, not-for-profit projects become available for peering that were earlier only reachable via transit. 

We look forward to connecting more projects to DE-CIX, and we would like to encourage recognized not-for-profit organizations that are interested in connecting to DE-CIX to get in contact with us, either via email or via the contact form on our website (at the bottom of the page). 
We are happy to support them.