DE-CIX Apollon goes UAE-IX: Setup and activation of two active sites in Dubai

Two Nokia 7750 SR12e's are now active in Dubai, and the first customers are connected to the new equipment!

After we had shipped everything necessary to upgrade UAE-IX in Dubai to the DE-CIX Apollon technology, the equipment was installed and activated in Dubai. Due to the great support of the team of our partner datamena, the installation and activation could be managed quickly. For the DE-CIX team, the moment when the power went on and the light showed was simply great. 

For automation purposes, we used an ansible assisted deployment strategy to roll out server systems and services. With this, our engineers in Frankfurt are able to do new installations with just one click and manage complex deployments in the future.

Many thanks to our partner for their help - and happy peering in Dubai! The migration of customers will be finalized in the next weeks. 

Pictures from the setup in Dubai