DE-CIX supports the AS112 project

In order to secure the DNS system, DE-CIX has deployed AS112 project servers.

The aim of the AS112 project is to create a web of DNS servers that catch reverse DNS queries for private IPv4 space (e.g., and see RFC 1918). This will reduce the load on so-called DNS root servers and makes the DNS system more secure and robust against DNS DDoS attacks.

The AS112 project servers operated by DE-CIX will be part of the AS112 anycast network. DE-CIX announces AS112 on its route servers and makes the AS112 project servers so available for all customers peering with the route servers.

The AS112 project servers will be automatically used by reverse DNS queries for private IPv4 space. DE-CIX customers do not have to change any configuration.

The AS112 project service is available at DE-CIX Hamburg and DE-CIX Frankfurt. Other DE-CIX locations will follow soon.