Milestone: New edge at DE-CIX 12 in Frankfurt active

At the end of January, a new edge at DE-CIX 12 in Frankfurt was activated. This is an important milestone, as DE-CIX 12 is now ready for service. DE-CIX 12 (Kleyer 90) is the replacement of DE-CIX 7 (Kleyer 82), the former core node at DE-CIX’s largest site in the city, the Kleyer campus. 

With this active new edge, the Kleyer campus can grow further, the expansion is planned to cover the growth of the upcoming five to ten years.

In March, the next step will be to start moving the customers to the new core node DE-CIX 12. The migration has to have as little impact on the connected networks as possible, so that the downtime for our customers does not exceed five minutes.