New DirectCLOUD partner: Cegecom

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We warmly welcome Cegecom, operator of the first private telecommunication network in Luxembourg, as a new DE-CIX DirectCLOUD partner!  Meanwhile, more than 20 cloud service providers and their services are available via DirectCLOUD. 

Cegecom not only makes their cloud services available, they also take advantage of the full DirectCLOUD package: They are a certified DirectCLOUD ISP, and a certified DirectCLOUD data center. As such, they can connect their customers to other cloud services via DirectCLOUD, while customers of other ISPs and data centers can access their cloud services. 

With the DirectCLOUD Service Finder, you can find out which cloud services and providers are available via DirectCLOUD, and with which services reselling is possible. A list of certified DirectCLOUD ISPs and certified DirectCLOUD data centers can be found here

Cegecom operates the first private telecommunication network in Luxembourg. Founded in 1999, the company built a reputation as a trusted communications service provider with a highly efficient product portfolio, timely project designs, backbone’s high availability, and reliability. Their cross-border network between Luxembourg and Germany was designed to seamlessly interconnect businesses to Tier IV datacenters, public and private cloud gateways, and other key PoPs.

In addition to Cegecom core business services such as ultra high-speed connectivity, voice over IP, and Internet, they have specialized in extensive integrated cloud and colocation solutions. Cegecom’s experience helps companies focus on their business strategy with worry-free, simple to use, and cost-effective solutions.