New RFC published with a contribution by DE-CIX:
RFC 8050

Word cloud for RFC 8050

DE-CIX is proud to work with the community to drive forward standards in our industry, and once again, an RFC with a contribution by DE-CIX has been published. RFC 8050 was developed by Colin Petrie (RIPE NCC) and Dr. Thomas King (DE-CIX), and standardizes the support of MRT for Add-Path.

Add-Path (RFC 7911) extends BGP so that for one IP prefix not only one route can be exchanged between two BGP speakers but any number of routes. This BGP extension is attractive for route servers in the way it is used at Internet Exchanges like DE-CIX, but the MRT data format has not previously been supported the Add-Path extension. With RFC 8050, this gap is closed and the support of MRT for Add-Path is standardized. 

The MRT data format is often used to guarantee the proper functionality of route servers by allowing the results of BGP decision processes to be saved on disk.