Now available for DirectCLOUD partners: Video explaining cloud for enterprises

As part of our DirectCLOUD Partner Program, we assist ISPs and data centers in bringing cloud connectivity closer to their enterprise customers. Certified DirectCLOUD ISPs and data centers are able to offer their customers the best possible connection to a variety of cloud service providers via DE-CIX DirectCLOUD. As some enterprises are still in the learning process of what cloud can offer them, we have produced a short instructional video highlighting the benefits of cloud connectivity. 

Free-of-charge, whitelabeled, available in English and German

The video named "Cloud explained" is a tool for DirectCLOUD partners to familiarize their enterprise customers with cloud connectivity. As the latest addition to our DirectCLOUD Partner Program, the video is available in English and German and free-of-charge. It is whitelabeled, so every partner can use it and individualize it for its own needs, e.g. with its logo and website url.

The video is available in the DirectCLOUD partner marketing space. If you have questions regarding the individualization of the video, please contact us.

<p><strong>Example screenshots of the video "Cloud explained"</strong></p>

Example screenshots of the video "Cloud explained"

DirectCLOUD video for partners_Screenshot
DirectCLOUD video for partners_Screenshot