Quad9 and DE-CIX extend their partnership at DE-CIX Frankfurt

DE-CIX and Quad9, the privacy-friendly DNS recursive resolver that answers DNS queries from a secure network of servers around the globe, have extended their partnership at DE-CIX Frankfurt. The Quad9 DNS system uses threat intelligence from more than a dozen of the industry's leading cyber security companies to give real-time protection from malicious websites and other threats, including malware or phishing. The Quad9 project runs with the support of Packet Clearing House (PCH), the global non-profit organization that provides operational support and security to critical Internet infrastructure, including Internet Exchange Points and the core of the Domain Name System.

“For DE-CIX, security and privacy have always played a key role in doing business with our customers. Quad9 is highly appreciated within the tech- and data privacy community in Germany and Central Europe. This is why PCH upgraded and extended its installations in Frankfurt. In order to provide an even better service to the community, DE-CIX will establish PCH connectivity at our DE-CIX sites in Munich, Dusseldorf, and Hamburg in the coming weeks,” says Dr Thomas King – DE-CIX’s Chief Innovation Officer.

“Quad9 is dedicated to end-user privacy and does not resell or retransmit personal data. Quad9 has constructed its systems to meet the strict General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy requirements, which will be in place across the EU in the coming months. Our Frankfurt location, generously sponsored by DE-CIX, is Quad9's most active location right now for queries. In order to accommodate the eleven-fold increase in traffic in the first three weeks since Quad9’s public release, we’ve just completed an upgrade of our servers to meet this impressive demand. We attribute this to the density of peers available at DE-CIX and the popularity of a privacy-friendly service among European users,” says Quad9’s Executive Director John Todd.