What a journey: The DE-CIX Summit 2017

The DE-CIX Summit in Frankfurt took us on a breathtaking journey into an interconnected digital world. Everyone who joined us was able to listen to inspiring presentations, drawing a line from digital transformation, rising data traffic, and the 3D dragons from Game of Thrones, to answering how interconnection platforms can address today's challenges.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who joined us on this voyage exploring today's challenges and opportunities!

A pdf can never get close to a live presentation, especially not in conjuring up the sense of the 3D Game of Thrones dragons as experienced during the event, but to give you an impression, the pdfs will be available soon for download on the agenda page

A – really – short recap

With Cherno Jobatey, a well-known moderator and TV journalist, our journey started with a hurricane of applaus. The applause never receded, as one world-class speaker after the other delighted the audience.

First on stage, after a warm welcome to the crowd by DE-CIX's CEO Harald A. Summa, was Dr. Andreas Weigend, showing us the reality of data today. While the data volume doubles every one and a half years, everything is about connecting: Connecting people, pages, and data. He showed us how big the influence of data is today.

Afterwards, Dr. Cara Schwarz-Schilling concentrated on the infrastructure for data and interconnection, and what role the regulator in Germany has in this scenario. As the Internet ecosystem has adapted well with the challenges in the past, the regulators did not regulate the market the way they did e.g. with voice termination. 

James Eibisch's focus lay on showing exclusive results of an IDC study conducted on behalf of DE-CIX to find out what technology-related challenges the industry sectors banking, media, automotive, software, and IT services are facing and how interconnection ecosystems can help them solve the challenges. The results will be made available in a white paper on the DE-CIX website soon.

After an extensive lunch and networking break, Pixomondo's Pascal Tonecker then showed what massive amounts of data are produced when building e.g. the dragons for the Game of Thrones TV series, using 3D animation to get a feeling for what a massive dragon would look like in a space like the DE-CIX Summit venue. This certainly was a presentation not to be missed.

For Pixomondo's first academy award-winning movie Hugo, the data was shipped personally with a hard drive from location to location (3 Tbyte). Today, everything is online. 

Next, Nokia's Wim Henderickx talked about how video, IoT, and cloud drive the change, how bandwidth is growing, and how increasing speed and control in case of DDoS attacks are crucial in today's interconnected world. 

After the next coffee break, SAP's Christian Stöffler dived deeper into the cloud topic, introduced SAP Cloud Peering, and how they use interconnection ecosystems like DE-CIX for their cloud solutions.

Some of the speakers came together for a panel to discuss in more detail the business and also private aspects of data growth, digitalization, and where our interconnected world is heading. 

Finally, DE-CIX's Ivo Ivanov wrapped up the day, showing how DE-CIX with its interconnection ecosystem is ready for the interconnected world and enables networks to face the challenges and seize the opportunities that lie within. 

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We look forward to seeing you at the next DE-CIX Summit on 18 October 2018!

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