Arturo Servin

Interconnection Strategist (Latin America, Caribbean and Iberian Peninsula)

Aturo Servin, Google


Aturo Servin is a network engineer specialized in Internet Architecture, Strategy, Policy, Services, Interconnection and Peering. He has also experience in network behavioral analysis applied to the fields of Network Security, Management, Operations, Optimization, and Architecture.

Aturo has more than 15 years experience working in challenging networking environments and with complex telecommunications projects. He worked as network manager, designer, researcher and engineer with diverse technologies such as VoIP, Routing, LAN Switching, Wireless, Data Centers and Security.

He finished his PhD in the Artificial Intelligence group in the University of York in the UK. His research focused on Machine Learning and Autonomous Agents. Besides AI and security, Aturo has some personal projects and research interest in Machine Learning in web technologies, data mining, and distributed computing and search.