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Enterprise networks 2022: Connectivity-driven business in Germany

Cover Enterprise Networks 2022: Connectivity-Driven Business in Germany

New executive brief from IDC

Today, more and more companies depend on data, whether it is internal company data or data exchanged with external partners or customers. Companies and institutions are facing new challenges and they need to adapt their network infrastructure to modern demands for connectivity and interconnection.

Modern networking is the basis for multiple business interactions:

  • Data access and sharing
  • Real-time insights
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Digital experience and new business

IDC surveyed decision-makers from more than 150 companies on the topic of enterprise networks and published the results and recommendations in the executive brief "Enterprise networks 2022: Connectivity-driven business in Germany". 

The results revealed that many German companies have recognized the value of interconnection, but in many cases the state of their connectivity is not sustainable and is clearly in need of improvement.

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