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Services and providers available at DE-CIX Cloud Exchange

Select whichever services, features, or certifications you need below and get a list of cloud service providers and services that are available at the DE-CIX Cloud Exchange via the DirectCLOUD service, depending on the location where you have access to DE-CIX. The list of available providers adjusts automatically when you select criteria.


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+33 181 517 120

42 Rue Liandier
13008 Marseille France

Transit Services

Towards a new traffic exchange model. Joining Hopus is joining a fabric on which the members are aiming at improving each other’s reach and quality. We do not sell the full routes as we believe we cannot maintain the quality we want. You’ll see all the routes legitimately announced by the participants (themselves, their direct customers, their private peerings), whatever the connection points to the HOPUS network. Join the network. You will join all other participants without loss or saturation. Be part of a better Internet. All members are committed to provide reliability and performance. Prediction of evolutions and active measures of performance allow us to provide unparalleled IP transit.

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European reach (POP France, Germany, Switzerland, Nederland)

Data center

Interxion FRA3 Weismullerstrasse 21-23 60314 Frankfurt Germany