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Services and providers available at DE-CIX Cloud Exchange

Select whichever services, features, or certifications you need below and get a list of cloud service providers and services that are available at the DE-CIX Cloud Exchange via the DirectCLOUD service, depending on the location where you have access to DE-CIX. The list of available providers adjusts automatically when you select criteria.


LuxNetwork S.A. is a private telecom services provider based in Luxembourg. Key player in the Grand Duchy, LuxNetwork is also present in the European economic main cities: London, Paris, Milan, Frankfurt, Brussels and Amsterdam. Since 2014, the French group Nomotech has supported LuxNetwork in its growth by valuing expertise and trade synergies. LuxNetwork gains advanced technologies from strong, world-renowned industrial equipment manufacturers, such as Ciena and Juniper, to build a powerful, scalable and secure network. These partnerships enable LuxNetwork to develop and offer a large scale of connectivity services (private MPLS link and network as well as wholesale and retail internet access), data protection (encryption) and also solutions Anti-DDoS with Acorus Networks company. These ensure a high availability of the infrastructure of its customers by protecting them from increasingly sophisticated denial of service attacks. Quality, safety, respect and professionalism are LuxNetwork’s core values. Furthermore, the alliances with the Luxemburgish leading companies Datacenter Luxembourg and Global IT Services PSF on colocation and cloud activities, consolidate LuxNetwork’s position on the national market and strengthen the competitiveness of these three firms at the international level. LuxNetwork’s teams provide technical solutions to meet the needs of its customers, support them in their expansion in a constructive and mutual understanding spirit. Special attention is given to each of them, whether they are companies, network operators or resellers.

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