Interconnection at its best: The DE-CIX Service World

The DE-CIX Service world enables you to buy what you need

When you have access to DE-CIX's platforms, you are able to

  • have multiple services on one access 
  • have multiple ASNs on one access
  • overbook access with services 
  • better monetize your connection to DE-CIX
  • use your connection to generate new revenues
  • increase the service portfolio you offer your end customers

Access can be ordered independently from the overlying services, and networks can access DE-CIX’s platforms without the need to have an ASN. An ASN is only necessary if you want to peer and therefore order the GlobePEER service or GlobePEER Remote service.

The DE-CIX Service World is available at all DE-CIX exchanges worldwide, except Dubai and Mumbai. At these locations, you can take advantage of the GlobePEER service.