New York

The fastest-growing IX in New York 

The largest neutral interconnection ecosystem in North America

DE-CIX New York is the 5th largest Internet Exchange in the US and the number one in the Northeast. DE-CIX New York is Open-IX certified and carrier and data center-neutral. It operates more access points than any other Internet Exchange in North America. Together, the DE-CIX Internet Exchanges in New York, Dallas, Chicago, and Richmond create the largest neutral interconnection ecosystem in North America. 

More South American networks peer at DE-CIX New York than at any other exchange in the region. And due to the interconnection with Seaborn - the Seabras-1 low latency cable and the first direct route between São Paulo and New York - and our reseller partners, the number of South American networks will continue to grow.  


Connect to the platform from over 100 access points.  

Get access to Comcast, the largest Cable TV and ISP in the US.   

Peer at additional DE-CIX locations just via an additional VLAN.  

A world-class, open Internet exchange is long overdue. With DE-CIX’s arrival, New York will have the vital infrastructure that not only makes the Internet work, but keeps it open and free. DE-CIX New York is a game changer.”
New York-Based Technology Journalist
Author of “Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet”

Connect via a transport partner in North America

In New York, Dallas, and Chicago you can access the DE-CIX platform via transport partners. Transport partners offer you a very fast time to market as they already have an interconnection to DE-CIX. Once you’ve placed your order with them, they will provision your connection without any additional cross connect costs or third-party fees.

Find out here if you can connect to DE-CIX via a transport partner.

DE-CIX transport partners in North America

Transport partnerAvailable sitesContact
Gigabit CommunicationsAvailable,