Optimize your network infrastructure with a complete interconnection package. InterconnectionFLEX is the solution for all your interconnection needs be it to clouds, networks, or data centers. Adjustable on a daily basis. At a fixed price.


Direct, flexible, and scalable connection to over 50 clouds.

Peering with more than 1000 local and international networks.

Direct VLAN connections to hundreds of data centers. 

One Access. All Clouds. Every Network.

The expectations being placed on your network are growing exponentially. Numerous cloud-based applications and workloads are increasing the complexity of your connections – which clouds, networks and data centers does your business need today? What about next year? Or in five years' time?

InterconnectionFLEX provides you with a complete interconnection package. As a holistic solution for peering, cloud connectivity, and private network interconnects (PNIs), it offers you direct access to over 50 clouds, 1000+ local and international networks and hundreds of data centers – with one single contract and full flexibility. And it includes a comprehensive interconnection consultation.

Let us help you to get ready for all the interconnection demands – both today and tomorrow. 

One contract. Perfect interconnection. 100% flexibility.

No more negotiations, tough infrastructure projects, and dependence on one supplier. InterconnectionFLEX allows you to connect to or disconnect from clouds, networks, and data centers on a daily basis, without a time-consuming quotation and ordering process. The entire WAN requirements of your company are taken care of with a single contract.

InterconnectionFLEX allows you to get access to the world's leading interconnection ecosystem – for stable connections with the lowest possible latency.

InterconnectionFLEX is a bundle of DE-CIX’s services including consulting. The bundle service is available at our locations in Europe and in North America – for other markets, please contact us and we are happy to help you. 

More information on the InterconnectionFLEX website.