Fortifying connectivity across the US

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Phoenix, AZ, is the new urban technology center of the western US. It is a core hub for data centers with robust connectivity of over 60 long-haul and metro fiber, telecom, broadband, and wireless network providers. DE-CIX Phoenix brings data and interconnection services closer to the users on the west coast of the US, spanning DE-CIX's locations from East to West, and creating a new interconnection corridor across the country. 

Connect to the largest interconnection ecosystem in North America 

With our other US Internet Exchanges in New York, Dallas, Chicago, and Richmond, Phoenix is part of the largest  carrier and data center neutral interconnection ecosystem in North America. The integration into the DE-CIX interconnection ecosystem means that connected networks in Phoenix will have access to more services, can reach other DE-CIX locations and more ASNs, and enjoy increased redundancy and resilience.


Our most western location in the US, only milliseconds from LA.

Available at leading data centers in the Phoenix area.

Part of the largest carrier and data center neutral interconnection ecosystem in North America.