Closed User Groups

Exchange data directly with selected partners, suppliers, and customers. Closed User Groups deliver seamless and private interconnection of multiple networks on the DE-CIX platform. Benefit from a trusted, reliable, safe, and secure interconnection environment which is accessible from hundreds of interconnected data centers.


DDoS-free, protected against hijacking and cyber attacks.

High performance by enabling shortest routing path between participants. 

Simplified compliance management, no vendor lock-in.

Be it the automotive, the health care, or retail industry, industries today are in the grip of digital transformation and connectivity needs are increasing. Businesses are shifting from monolithic, on-premise IT systems to platform-based models in which companies take part in ecosystems to share data and intelligence, and to assemble solutions with third-party components. While cloud solutions facilitate data storage and handling, interconnection platforms are key for many-to-many data exchange.   

Closed User Groups allows businesses to create their own interconnection environment, set apart from the public peering infrastructure. You can connect to your selected partners, suppliers, and customers at different locations to exchange data securely and efficiently. Our platform offers direct interconnection with the members of Closed User Group with optimized prevention of security breaches and improved performance. 

Create your own Closed User Group

Closed User Groups can either be used for exchanging data only with selected trusted partners or for a dedicated service. If you need a trusted, reliable, safe, and secure platform to exchange data with select partners or for specific use cases, bypassing the Internet but directly accessible from multiple interconnected data centers, DE-CIX is the perfect partner for you.