Secure connection to Google Cloud


Google Cloud Partner Interconnect via DE-CIX

From data management to AI and machine learning tools, Google Cloud offers you the right building blocks. DE-CIX is a Google Partner Interconnect service provider, helping you to optimize the performance of applications operating in Google Cloud.

The DirectCLOUD service allows you to connect your existing network infrastructure with the Google Cloud platform, bypassing the Internet. Forget high latency, long provisioning times, and security issues, and say hello to simple, fast cloud networking.


Connect directly to Google Cloud, bypassing the Internet.

Predictable latency & guaranteed bandwidth.

Improved security and privacy, as data traffic flows strictly over trusted endpoints.

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Google Cloud Platform at your doorstep

With our partnership with Google, DE-CIX can offer secure connectivity to the Google Cloud Platform from all major DE-CIX locations globally, allowing you to extend your reach to Google Cloud regions and zones worldwide.

Our extensive partner network also helps to make the Google Cloud Platform available wherever needed, including at on-premise enterprise locations and in private data centers. 

Simple management via the DE-CIX portal 

Both direct customers and DE-CIX partners benefit from our self-service portal, which offers Google Cloud Partner Interconnect provisioning in a matter of minutes. You can set up connections or scale them whenever you want to, and add new ones as you need them. The DE-CIX portal also provides you with full visibility into the performance of your connections. 


How it works

There are two ways to set-up the connectivity between enterprises and the Google Cloud. Regardless of which set-up you use, DE-CIX and our partners guarantee to provide high availability by avoiding any single points of failure.


Directly through DE-CIX

If you are colocated in a data center where DE-CIX has presence – our premium enabled sites – you just need to buy access to DE-CIX and you can directly use the DirectCLOUD service to connect to the Google Cloud. This option usually makes sense if you have very high bandwidth requirements.

DE-CIX premium enabled sites

Through DE-CIX partners

You can also connect via our partners. Partners act as a single point of contact for enterprises and provide (last mile) connectivity between your on-premise location and the closest DE-CIX premium enabled site, and from there on to the Google Cloud.

DE-CIX partners