DE-CIX Academy – learn from the experts

After operating Internet Exchanges for more than 25 years, a lot of knowledge is available at DE-CIX; not only about the technology needed to run Internet Exchange platforms, but also about everything that touches our main goal: Making interconnection easy. Anywhere. 
 DE-CIX Academy is our way of sharing our knowledge – to assist customers, network operators, and anyone who is interested in increasing their knowledge and getting the most out of our interconnection services.

Online webinars

The upcoming DE-CIX Academy webinars are listed on our events list. If you would like to suggest a topic for one of the webinars, please contact us.


The DE-CIX Academy offers on-site seminars in Frankfurt about various topics. More information will be available on our website, and you can subscribe to the DE-CIX Academy mailing list below.

White papers, videos, and recorded webinars

We offer white papers on peering and Blackholing, technical guides on how to connect to different cloud service providers, market spotlights, and market studies on the position of metro markets in the global telecommunications landscape. View more.

In addition, the DE-CIX Academy publishes videos and recorded webinars explaining topics like what an AS number is or how to get started with peering.