Service feature

Access data flow information with IPFIX Export

Currently, this feature is only available as a beta version in Frankfurt.

At DE-CIX Frankfurt, the DE-CIX IPFIX Export enables customers to receive IPFIX traffic flow of their physical network access. With the help of IPFIX data, you can get more detailed insights into traffic characteristics.

What is IPFIX Export?

IPFIX is a IP flow information export standard (RFC 7011). The flow information export is randomly sampled (1 out of 10,000 packets) across the entire DE-CIX Frankfurt peering platform. We filter your MAC address to extract only your subset of IPFIX data, i.e. traffic from and to your physical access (all configured VPLS on this port). Both the incoming and outgoing traffic of the selected MAC address is filtered and exported. IP addresses are neither processed nor stored, but exported via an encrypted DTLS data stream.

IPFIX Export graphic

Share the data with your own programs and perform your own analysis

In contrast to DE-CIX Service Insights System, IPFIX Export allows you to perform your own customized live processing of flow data related to your physical peering access at DE-CIX. You can, for example:

  • Perform tailored live analysis, ranging from layer 2 to layer 4.
  • Have detailed traffic information in case of a possible ongoing network attack to help you effectively leverage the right mitigation processes.
  • Verify whether policies of your control plane are correctly applied and reflected in your data plane.
  • Use the information for monitoring purposes or automated alerts.