Peer in New York and Frankfurt with just one port

On 1 April, we started to offer our customers in Frankfurt the chance to peer on our DE-CIX New York platform, and New York customers to peer on our DE-CIX Frankfurt platform.

With just one port you reach hundreds of additional networks.

Reasons to join

From Frankfurt, you get instant access to the North American market and 100+ ASNs.

From New York, you get instant access to hundreds of global and regional ASNs in Europe.

Just peer over an additional VLAN on your port.

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DE-CIX is going international

The exchange of Internet traffic is regionalizing, and consequently, DE-CIX is building up new exchanges internationally. DE-CIX announced six new Internet exchanges:

Like all DE-CIX exchanges, the new exchanges are neutral and facilitate the settlement-free exchange of Internet traffic on the most advanced peering platform in the industry: DE-CIX Apollon.

Take advantage of our special offers and join us now in order to

  • reduce costs on IP transit,
  • get full control over your IP traffic flow and
  • increase the Internet performance quality on your network.